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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

They were filming Nurse Jackie in my neighborhood this week

They turned turned a local bar

into another bar

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Why liberals can't get anything done

Because liberals spend more time fighting and criticizing each other when they (I consider my self progressive) should be concentrating on fighting the right. Consider Steve Almond

The whole thing is that liberals should be above the fray, don't take the bait of the right wingers like Limbaugh and let's engage in dialogue.

   "Consider the recent debate over whether employers must cover contraception in their health plans. The underlying question — should American women receive help in protecting themselves from unwanted pregnancies? — is part of a serious and necessary national conversation.?

I don't know Steve should you hemorrhoids or case of crabs be part of the national conversation ? Let's just get all medical questions be private and between yourself, your physician and your insurance company (more like the call center in Mumbai)

The left took enormous pleasure in seeing Limbaugh pilloried.

Yes as he should be and not just the left but all decent people !

But the real problem isn’t Limbaugh. He’s just a businessman who is paid to reduce complex cultural issues to ad hominem assaults. 

and later on about ignoring demagogues

 Rush Limbaugh would be a radio host catering to a few million angry commuters, not the alpha male of conservatism. Fox News would be a popular fringe network, not the reliable conduit by which paranoid hogwash infects our mainstream media. 

The problem it's not just the listeners who only represent something like 3% of the US population are those among the listeners, the politicians, the wealthy those who can influence and actively make changes in our laws. And the mainstream media are often of the same mindset as those listeners or the cynical types who want to increase ratings. rating.

No Limbaugh and Fox news are not just to blame but they can't be ignored either.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"mommy why is Captain Kirk beating up one of my uncles"

Star Trek The Motion Picture opened today back in 1979
This is not about the how good or bad the movie is that's a post for another day.
The opening of the movie has to be one of the best I've ever seen it's action packed, sets the mood all that stuff. Most importantly it shows the new Klingons.
Before the Klingons looked like this

Pretty much Frito Bandito or "mom why is Captain Kirk beating up one of my uncles".

Then the Klingons now look like this

Pretty bad-ass and alien.